Gayle Young in Doctor’s Cove.

They sell tickets and t-shirts. They open doors at the venues. They show artists around town. They make Sound Symposium run. They are our volunteers.

Sound Symposium XIX will take over St. John’s July 5 to 15. Volunteer Coordinator Jill Dawe is recruiting volunteers to work morning, afternoon and evening shifts of 2 to 5 hours each.

Dawe herself has been volunteering with Sound Symposium since she was a teenager. She remembers attending a Harbour Symphony workshop with Paul Steffler when she was 13 years old, “Learning the system to compose a piece and hearing it be played from the top of Signal Hill. It is always beautiful, never gets old!”

What makes a great volunteer? Someone who is reliable, patient, and enthusiastic about artistic experiences. If you like interacting with interesting people, that’s definitely a plus.

You could work inside in a concert hall, or you could request a shift out at Cape Spear. If you’re good with computers, sound systems and machines of all sorts, we also need volunteers to assist the technical team. When you work a concert or installation, you get the perk of enjoying the music or art for free. Not bad!

Find out how you can get involved.

Get your name on our list by Friday, June 15.