Jing Xia (top) and Danka Villanueva of Subhira Quartet

By Greg Locke

I barely hear the performance unless it’s particularly captivating and makes me put my camera down.

We are focused on the visual, not the aural. Because a photo is static, we are looking for the dynamic action or emotional expression in the performers to convey the nature of their performance. To capture the energy or spirit of the artist in a photo. To do the impossible of capturing sound in a still image. Hard driving, high energy or soft and delicate, my job is to convey that in the photos.

With live performance we only have what’s in front of us, and we have little control over the staging. Many times the stage craft or lighting design (or lack there of) can mean the difference between making a photo or not. Sometimes something as simple as the placement of a light stand or music stand means an hour of frustration. You have to accept that not every photo is going to work out.

It’s all about the image.

Greg Locke started in news photography and now shoots corporate, commercial, and industrial photography and video in Newfoundland and beyond. His assignments have taken him from offshore oil fields in the North Atlantic, to civil wars in the Balkans, to corporate boardrooms in North America.