Interactive Workshop

October 19 Plug-In City, with Robert Lippok Free


Time : 9:00am-3:00pm
Venue : Alt Hotel St. John's

Plug-In City, an interactive workshop with Robert Lippok

Indigo Room, Alt Hotel St. John’s
9:00am – 3:00pm

Registration is required. Write to reserve a seat.

Presented as part of Sound Symposium’s electronic music festival ONSOUND (October 17-20, 2019).


Students will work on the construction of sound objects (Plug-Ins) of different sizes and formats making an analogy to the Archigram concept of the architect Peter Cook on how to build a modular city using different units (Plug-Ins) such as housing, transportation, energy sources, etc.

The sound blocks of each participant will be assembled in a sonic structure that will give way to improvisation generating a unique piece that is recorded and will be delivered to the participants.

Musical knowledge from amateur to professional. Bring your instruments, any instruments (i.e. synthesizer, flute, percussion, laptop).