Neil V. Rosenberg has been a member of Black Auks since 1994

Mack Furlong, percussion and toys
Wallace Hammond, guitar and toys
Neil V. Rosenberg, banjo and toys
Craig Squires, saxophone and toys

Newfoundland’s contemporary ensemble Black Auks performs improvisations and contemporary music. They approach music with the delight of kids with new toys. Anything they lay their hands on becomes fodder for their explorations. They love to perform in a variety of environments such as the old defense installations in the cliffs of Cape Spear National Historic Site. Their artistic process involves weekly jams and listening sessions. Their own musical vocabulary contains elements from the varied musical backgrounds of the players— classical, bluegrass, punk, jazz, folk and more.

Black Auks At Sound Symposium XIX*

  • Night Music, with special guest Rick Bailey — Thursday, July 5 at 10:30pm (The Ship Pub)

See the complete list of SSXIX artists, as well as the full schedule and ticket information.

*Times and locations subject to change.