Doug Leeman (bottom right), Scott (top), and Randy (left)

Somewhere between where the gravy hits the meatballs Logy Bay Groovers are born. Savoury sounds and greasy grooves await. They love to challenge your ears while pleasing your tastebuds. These dudes give out prizes with your meal so it never disappoints. Chew on that! Not once have they played the same set twice, so you best ready for a fresh ride of hot trax. Randy Prince draws inspiration all day and shows it in his spicy synths and cool guitars. He doesn’t shy away from the mic either- have a listen to his mind! Then we have Scott Stevenson, a rebel cyber-capitalist acolyte who spends his time on the fringes of the base layer. Enjoy the techno and casino inspired sounds that follow. Doug Leeman does the rest with the help of friends.

This interview has been edited for length and concision.

Annie Corrigan: How long have the Logy Bay Groovers been playing together?

Doug Leeman: We have been playing together since 2013 as “Logy Bay Groovers,” but we have been making music and other art together since 2004. Randy’s guitar is the first guitar I ever saw in real life, and also the first guitar I ever played.

AC: It looks like you’ll be presenting some guerilla-style music around town, in addition to your Night Music set. What’s the energy like in the band when you play somewhere that’s not a stage?

DL: We don’t actually play on stages very often, so we’re ready to play anywhere. We have various energy depending on how we feel, but generally for a show in public, we want to party and get people to join in our collective excitement and do some things that they haven’t done before. Taste the gravy.

AC: I’ve never attended Night Music. What can I expect from your set?

DL: Night Music is cool you should check it out for yourself. It happens every month! When we play Night Music, we turn it into a Logy Bay Groovers set. So generally there is food served to the audience and ideas are provided for them to consider as well. We normally start our sets in unison and let it evolve. We have special love for Night Music because they seem to understand what the Groovers are all about and Craig keeps asking us back.

Logy Bay Groovers At Sound Symposium XIX*

  • Night Music — Friday, July 6 at 10:30pm (The Ship Pub)

See the complete list of SSXIX artists, as well as the full schedule and ticket information.

*Times and locations subject to change.