CBC’s Anthony Germain plays a ship’s horns for a Harbour Symphony back in 2012.

Sound Symposium is probably best known for our daily Harbour Symphonies. All of St. John’s and the surrounding area are serenaded by ships’ horns every afternoon of the ten-day symposium. How very Newfoundland to turn a bunch of gigantic boats into an orchestra!

Shout out to The Globe and Mail for writing up a nice history of the symphonies. There are some folks on our team who remember that very first Harbour Symphony back in 1983. It’s extraordinary to think that our calling card (so to speak) has continued to impact the soundscape of St. John’s going on three decades.

Co-Artistic Director Mack Furlong sums it up perfectly:

I cry every time I hear the first Harbour Symphony of the Sound Symposium. It’s so disarmingly simple, yet it says so much about Newfoundland.

Read More: Blowing in the wind (The Globe And Mail)

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