Tickets for shows at LSPU Hall will be available at the box office, 3 Victoria Street.
Call 709.753.4531 or buy online at

Evening concerts at LSPU Hall (July 9, 11, 12, 13, 14) are $25/$20 students, seniors. Improv Night (July 16) $15.

Afternoon concert at LSPU Hall will be $15/$10 students, seniors (July 15).

Tickets for concerts at D.F. Cook Hall are available at  the door for $25/$20 students, seniors (July  10, 15). (cash, Master Card, VISA)

Tickets for early concerts at Suncor Energy Hall are available at the door for $15/$10 students, seniors  (July 10, 15). (cash, Master Card, VISA)

Night Music at The Ship Pub is $10 cash at the door.


Gold pass: $150/$120 students, seniors.  Admission to ALL Sound Symposium events

Silver pass: $80/$60 students, seniors. Includes 2 LSPU Hall concerts, 2 MUN concerts, and 2 Night Musics.

Bronze pass: $40/$30 students, seniors. Includes 1 LSPU Hall Concert, 1 MUN concert, and 1 Night Music.

Passes must be purchased directly from Sound Symposium Central, LSPU Hall (cash, cheque, Master Card, VISA).

*Tickets for the Tombolo concert are sold separately at the Arts & Culture Centre Box Office and are not included in the symposium passes.