We’re Back! Experience “Echo Village”


Sound Symposium and the MUN Botanical Garden present Echo Village, an immersive sound experience taking place on Sunday, September 20.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced Sound Symposium to cancel its highly anticipated 20th international symposium this summer. Producer Benton Roark hopes Echo Village will provide a creative outlet for artists and visitors alike.

“The events of this year have left so many with a desire to connect with nature, with community, and with live music, even if at a distance,” says Roark. “With Echo Village, we are creating a place where all of that can happen.”

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Jennifer Thiessen

Whether she finds herself on a concert hall stage or in an underground venue, Jennifer Thiessen relentlessly seeks a deep musical authenticity, in which she carves her own unique voice. She is a founding member of Cénacle, Toninato/Thiessen Duo and Park Sounds, and performs regularly with collectif9, Ensemble Caprice and Ensemble SuperMusique, among other historical and new music ensembles in Montreal. Mixing new sounds with instruments of the past, she is known for her performances of new works on the viola d’amore for Innovations en Concert, Ottawa New Music Creators and Cluster Festival. A multi-disciplinary artist, she appears as singer-songwriter Daily Alice and toured the world with La La La Human Steps from 2007-2012. From within the multiplicity of artistic adventures she is called to be part of, she remains grounded in her passion to create thoughtful and meaningful musical experiences for herself and her listeners.

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