One last jam at The Ship Pub (Photo by Reinhard Reitzenstein)

As we bid a fond farewell to Sound Symposium XIX, our team reflects on what this biennial event means to them.

Kathy Clark-Wherry, Executive Director:

I would like all our artists to feel like once every two years they have a spiritual and artistic home to come back to; that this is a place where they dare to stretch and do things they might not do anywhere else; and that they are supported here.

Mack Furlong, Co-Artistic Director:

I am always thrilled by and thankful for the deep sense of community that becomes apparent during Sound Symposium, the support we give each other both on and off the stage. This year’s event continued and expanded on Symposium’s endeavor to encourage artists to take risks, to do something new and unexpected, to challenge each other and revel in the results.

Delf Maria Hohmann, Harbour Symphony:

One of our Harbour Symphony players told me after the immersive/ambisonic concert at the Anglican Cathedral that she would have never before considered an overhead flying plane to be a musical instrument. Having been with Sound Symposium for over 20 years as a staff member and musician has not only taught me but also repeatedly confirmed that if we open our minds to listening more carefully without any preconceived notions of how ‘music’ should sound like, we can gain a better understanding of each others ‘noise’ and thereby come closer to the humanness this world so badly needs.

Ellie Hynes, Finance and Administration:

What makes Sound Symposium for me is the positive energy generated by the people who work so hard to create and deliver a unique experience at each and every event. All this positive energy makes my inner light burn brighter and encourages me to be more adventurous and creative in my life.

Wayne Hynes, Production Team:

What I love about Sound Symposium is getting to meet amazing artists from around the block and from around the world. Helping them sound good, look good, and feel good while they are under our protection is very important to me.

Kathleen Parewick, Videography Volunteer:

I loved the opportunity that Michelle Lacour’s concert videography class provided a few of us to do a deeper dive on film craft. I can see us building more of that kind of technical training opportunity into future symposia. It was a terrific learning experience.

Colette Phillips, Photographer:

When I was assigned to photograph Hildegard Westerkamp’s Sound Walk, I had no idea of the impact it would make on me. I couldn’t be totally engaged in the listening aspect of the walk¸ because I supposed to be taking pictures, but now that I’m aware of it, I’m paying attention to the everyday sounds around me. Similar to the effect that discovering light in photography totally changed the way I saw the world, Hildegard’s Walk and discussion changed the way I hear the world.

Bert Power, Event Assistant:

The whirlwind of cooperation, coordination, and support necessary to mount an event of this scale made itself apparent during the staging of Jordan Nobles’ massive premier of Cinquanta at The Rooms. The team of percussionists willing to lend a hand in the daunting gear move; Michelle LaCour’s disciplined and committed tech crew; and the artists who so sensitively interpreted Nobles’ beautiful score made that performance a memorable and enriching experience.

Craig Squires, Coordinator of Night Music:

This was among the best Symposia, not least because of the strength and ease of community that arose among the participants. The spirit of collaboration and sharing was very rich and open. It was inspiring to watch so many cool connections being made.

Rodney Zdebiak, Co-Chair of the Board of Directors:

Great conversation with my billet Payton (MacDonald). Anyone who knows me knows I enjoy eating, drinking, and being merry with my billets. Payton avoided the temptation to drink until after his performance. Kudos to him for going out and buying beer and popcorn for those of us who went to see Sonic Divide. Well done everybody. I look forward to Sound Symposium XX in 2020!