ONSOUND II: Patchwork Quilt banner

ONSOUND II: Patchwork Quilt

July 14-18, 2021

Sound Symposium presents its sound and art festival ONSOUND II: Patchwork Quilt. The second biennial festival features performances from all corners of Newfoundland and Labrador’s artistic scene, from experimental and percussive, to trad and classical. ONSOUND will include screenings and performances of new works for film and sound. We will meander around bustling downtown St. John’s for a soundwalk.

ONSOUND II: Patchwork Quilt festival posterAnd, no Sound Symposium festival would be complete without a Night Music event, our monthly improvisational performance series at The Ship. A true patchwork of experiences!

Performers include Duo Concertante, Pamela Morgan, Aaron Prosper and First Light Community Drummers, The Watershed Ensemble, and many more.

Events will take place at various venues around St. John’s, including the First Light Centre for Performance and Creativity, the Anglican Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, The Rooms, The Ship Pub, Bowring Park, and Peter Easton Pub.

Click here for the full schedule of events!


  • Duo Concertante
  • Wastershed Ensemble
  • Pamela Morgan
  • Aaron Prosper and First Light Community Drummers
  • Jing Xia
  • Kyle Gryphon
  • Nova Collective
  • David Buley
  • Ema Pope
  • Nicholas Bendzsa
  • Joe Fowler
  • Chad Feehan
  • Arabat Beowulf
  • Mahina Graham-Laidlaw
  • Holly Winter
  • Luke Blackmore
  • Atomic Clock
  • Krissy Breen
  • Shaalan
  • Mimi Stockland
  • Joseph Kisusi


syn·aes·the·sia: a condition in which someone experiences things through their senses in an unusual way, for example by experiencing a colour as a sound, or a number as a position in space

– Cambridge Dictionary

cin·es·the·sia: the experience of synaesthesia in the context of film and music

– Sound Symposium/Nickel Film

The Cinesthesia project is a creative intensive co-curated by Sound Symposium and Nickel Film Festival aimed at exploring new concepts and methods in film and music collaboration. The idea for the project was motivated by multiple goals, including giving local filmmakers hands-on experience with analogue techniques in 8mm film, and seeing how music and film cross-inform one another during the creative process (in lieu of the traditional picture-first, score-second method of film composition). Four local filmmaker/composer teams have been working together since early May, sharing ideas and work, attending online mentor sessions, writing, shooting, recording, and editing. The result is four shorts that showcase as many journeys in experimental film and music creation, as well as what themes, sounds, visuals, concepts, and narratives are driving local creators’ thinking these days.

Cinesthesia features the work of filmmakers Joe Kisusi, Mimi Stockland, Krissy Breen, and Abdelrahman Shaalan, and composer-performers Holly Winter, Luke Blackmore, Jing Xia, and Atomic Clock (Michelle LaCour, Tiber Reardon, Josh Ward, and Chris Donnelly).

Many thanks to DarkNL and NIFCO for their generous sponsorship of the project. 


Sound Arts is proud to partner with First Light during ONSOUND II to sponsor Aaron Prosper’s involvement in the festival. Aaron Prosper is a member of Eskasoni First Nation and now resides in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. He is a member of the Eastern Eagle Singers, a contemporary Mi’kmaw drum group based out of Sipe’knekatik First Nation. We are pleased to bring Aaron to St. John’s to be a part of ONSOUND II, during which he will lead workshops and work with community groups, culminating in a performance with First Light Community Drummers on the festival’s Saturday evening concert.

Sound Arts Initiatives, Inc. extends our deepest gratitude to The Rooms and First Light for their co-production on several events during ONSOUND II. We further thank First Light and the Anglican Cathedral of St. John the Baptist for their generous donation of performance spaces throughout this festival.

Sound Arts was proud to partner with the Nickel Film Festival for the Cinesthesia project and would like to thank NIFCO and DarkNL for their generosity in helping to make this project a success.