Photos by Greg Locke

By Teresa Connors

As one of the players for this Sound Symposium XIX premiere, I’m in the unique position of having been a musical “comrade in arms” in Vancouver when Nobles first began to experiment with spatial music. During those early days, many works were scored and performed at unique locations throughout Vancouver – such as the Vancouver Aquarium.

Over time, and with a few decades of effort (and numerous awards to boot), Nobles has honed a compositional style that offers the audience a unique visceral musical experience.

To perform in Cinquanta was a treat as each musician was embedded in an architectural construct of sound that beautifully morphed over the 50-minute duration.

To premiere Cinquanta at The Rooms during such a mesmerizingly sunlight evening was pure magic. The audience was spellbound.

Teresa Connors is active as an acoustic/electroacoustic composer, opera singer, film scorer, and installation artist. She is the 2017-18 postdoctoral research fellow with the International Institute for Critical Studies in Improvisation (IICSI) at Memorial University of Newfoundland. Her installation Currents was on view at LSPU Hall during Sound Symposium XIX.